Mason Brown

Mason in a doorway with a 1913 Gibson L-1

Photo by Shannon Nixon

New: Mason's just-released second solo album, I Am a Handsome Devil, is a romantic collection of songs and tunes played on parlor guitar and pardessus viol.

When Humans Walked the Earth CD cover Mason Brown's voice, guitar, banjo, and viola da gamba can be heard in the Boulder CO area and elsewhere. His first solo album, When Humans Walked the Earth (buy it at CD Baby or iTunes), includes traditional and original songs and tunes, and performances with Randal Bays, Katäri Brown, Ed Caner, Connie Dover, Mark Dudrow, Doug Goodhart, Peter Halter, Gari Hegedus, Roger Landes, Tobias Roberson, Chipper Thompson, and Ben Wright. Mason has written some online liner notes.

Sands of Aberdeen CD cover Jed Marum's album Sands of Aberdeen features Mason and Hugh Morrison. This collection of Irish, Scottish, and original songs and tunes is available at CD Baby.

Mason's previous album (with Chipper Thompson) was Am I Born to Die. He has also worked with Charlene Adzima, Turlach Boylan, Kevin Buckley, Kelly Dougherty, Mike Dugger, Michael Fraser, Marian Funk, and Nathan Pellerin, and has instructed guitar and banjo at ZoukFest.

Sounds and Sights

Mason blogs at, has a MySpace profile, and can be contacted at this email address.